MIG Stands for Mutual Intellectual Growth

A solid foundation in the field of real property in Malaysia

About MIG Network

MIG Group of Companies was founded by Dato’ Brian Wee and Dato’ Stanley Wong in 2011. With an initial focus on real property development, real estate investment, education and consultation, MIG laid down a solid foundation in the field of real property in Malaysia.

Group Of Companies

Connecting Everyone

WECONNECT, an application that provides a platform for direct interaction between the consumers and business, by offering holistic and efficient mobile application. Hence, WECONNECT has opened up opportunities for the public at large and brought about added value for the business community.

Experience Everything

Funvending Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary company of MIG O2O Berhad, both of which are sister companies of MIG Group of Companies. The Group was incorporated in 2011, and has since established a strong foundation in the field of real estates in Malaysia. As part of The Group's strategy, Funvending Sdn Bhd was founded to provide a cross-platform of vending machine business solutions via joint-venture methodology.

Our Fun Store

At Funmaii, we see technology as an enabler to connect businesses and consumers in a single ecosystem. A first-of-its-kind Fun and Cashless convenience store in Malaysia. Funmaii stores changes the way people shop with ‘fun’ where the bridging of technology and people together that are both convenient and rewarding.