MIG Group of Companies was founded by Dato’ Brian Wee and Dato’ Stanley Wong in 2011. With an initial focus on real property development, real estate investment, education and consultation, MIG laid down a solid foundation in the field of real property in Malaysia.

Nevertheless, within a mere five years, the Group expanded its influence to international markets, diversifying into a vast array of industry such as education, media and mobile apps. By incorporating its unique joint venture method and industry-leading virtual reality technology, the Group has successfully transcended the conventional way of business making to a new height.

MIG Group of Companies adapt to change with it’s in five core principles (5R), namely, Remodelling, Restructuring, Reengineering, Rebranding and Relaunching. 5R guides us in consistently restructuring corporations, rebranding the Group, reengineering business models, overhauling underperformed businesses, respositioning the group in the global market, strengthening business ties, forging strategic partnerships, pioneering in untapped market network, finetuning customer service management, reinforcing marketing and service delivery, in order to achieve an efficient resource integration. With an unrivalled synergy amongst all the team players, together we work hand in hand to create values beyond ordinary to ensure a sustainable development for all business partners.

We believe that everyone can fulfill their dreams and attain their desired wealth target, in tandem with the company policy, “Global Advancement, Mutual Achievement”.