Dato’ Brian Wee

“ To strive for extraordinaire, it is a matter of choice ”


Dato’ Brian Wee grew up in a rubber estate, where he stayed with his parents and more than 10 other close relatives in a 400-square feet wooden house till the age of three. Born in a poverty stricken family, he lived in a destitute environment, where entertainment and material pursuit were totally beyond his reach. Fortunately, study was his best company.

Regardless how poor he was, he believes that everyone has the right to dream. In fact, day dreaming was one of his favourite pastimes. Due to his poverty, he dreamt to be a businessman and, ultimately the richest man on Earth.

Despite the hardship, he knew deep down that to change his current situation, the very first thing was to earn money. Although it was just sheer day dreaming, he already had a vivid vision of his goal in life.

Action speaks louder than words, in his case, louder than his daydreams. Hence, at the age of 16, he started his very first business in cassette production together with his classmate, Dato’ Stanley Wong and two other friends, by utilising their very own resources and network.  Such partnership with Dato’ Stanley Wong has laid down a very crucial foundation for their future cooperation.

Nevertheless, what he achieved then was still a great distance away from what he had dreamt of. Determined to make a change, he became a real property agent to others’ surprise, and started learning everything from scratch. With his persistence and perseverance, he excelled in real property brokering in a very short period of time, through which he saw unlimited potential in the field of real property.

Dato’ Brian believes that one’s achievement is limited if it only revolves around “I, me and myself”.  Only through togetherness, or “our dream” can one achieve greatness. Based on that very notion, MIG Group was founded.  “I cannot change my heredity and the environment I was born into and grew up in, but I have the rights to decide my own future.”

Hence, he decided to pursue his dream and build his dream life with his own hardwork and capability. The ability to devise a blueprint and goal for one’s life is the most vital element in changing one’s fate. The very existence of MIG Group of Companies is the best proof of Dato’ Brian’s foresight as well as his determination and perseverance in accepting challenges by going against the odds to pursue his dreams.

“A business opportunity that can be spotted by everyone is not a business opportunity.”  Only those who are courageous and wise can stand against the odds and be the last man standing.
The man who stands tall is none other than Dato’ Brian Wee




Dato’ Stanley Wong

“Networking requires time to form and settle. These people in your network will be instrumental in both your career and life.
This is a fact that one must come to realise in life.”


In Asian Philosophy, “guan xi” or “network” is equivalent to productivity. On the contrary, in the western world “network” is the scarcest business resource. As a matter of fact, the better is one’s “guan xi”, the wider is one’s network, naturally, it is easier for one’s goal to be achieved.

Endowed with an innate ability to communicate effectively and forge interpersonal relationships easily, Dato’ Stanley Wong has put these qualities to great use in his successful entrepreneurship career. Despite growing up in a big extended family, he lived in harmony with his uncles, aunties and cousins. Such early harmonious family life has been critical in moulding his future characteristics.

Education was highly prioritised by his father, who not only provided extra tuition but also monitored his learning progress from time to time. During school holidays, his father would bring them on learning excursion to computer technology galleries. It was through these trips that he nurtured his interest and love for computers and digital technology. As early as in high school, he has already started developing computing systems for his school. He then further studied and obtained a master’s degree in the field of computing and Electrical Engineering at the university. His father has served as an important role model for him, teaching him the importance of values like accountability, persistence, perseverance and being down to earth, in order to achieve one’s goal.

On the other hand, his uncle was the key person who inspired him to start a business. He was very impressed by his uncle’s innovative approach in his business. He learnt from his uncle that anything can be a possible business idea when you put on your thinking cap and add a dash of innovation.

At the age of 16, he started his very first business. Most people go through formal classroom education to learn Mathematics. Dato’ Stanley Wong, on the other hand, learnt his Mathematics while helping out at his grandmother’s pastry stall in the market.

Apart from selling pastries, he also learnt about the importance of networking. He discovered that with good rapport with his customers, the sales will naturally surge. Despite his young age, he has already picked up many entrepreneurship skills.

“Networking requires time to form and settle. These people in your network will be instrumental in both your career and life. This is a fact that one must come to realise in life.” Everyone has something that others can learn from, regardless it is a good quality (to learn from) or a bad quality (to stay away from). It is also crucial that one learns to always reflect upon oneself and deliberate an issue from multiple angles.

On his very first business attempt in operating a tuition centre, he suffered gravely in his physical health due to heavy working schedules, insufficient rest and immense work pressure. In other words, he has traded his health for money. He only came to his senses when he met this student of his. It was a student who he once thought was hopeless, but now having a successful career of his own. “Past success does not promise lifelong success.” Dato’ Stanley Wong then decided to reform his life and pursue a career as a real property agent. In his very first month, he attained a five-digit profit figure.

Founding MIG Group of Companies is just an extension of his dream. To him, an individual’s success is not a success. The biggest success is the communal success. Hence, it has always been his hope to create an ultimate resource integration and sharing platform, to benefit young aspiring entrepreneurs, in pursuing excellence on the global arena.