Connecting Everyone

During the time of economic adversity , MIG Mobile Tech Berhad introduced WECONNECT, an application that provides a platform for direct interaction between the consumers and business, by offering holistic and efficient mobile application. Hence, WECONNECT has opened up opportunities for the public at large and brought about added value for the business community.

Apart from connecting business to consumers (B2C), WECONNECT also opens up channels of Online to Offline (O2O), interaction for all consumers (C2C), consumers and manufacturers(F2C), as well as business to business (B2B). In fact, WECONNECT has penetrated the market in Southeast Asia.

Via WECONNECT, the user could customise marketing plans and receive detailed and relevant marketing statistics, aiding to one’s judgment in business strategising. Such function also allows the user to access to potential markets throughout Southeast Asia by identifying and tackling hidden and present customers as well as to obtain immediate customer feedbacks. As an extra bonus, WECONNECT users get to earn rebate points and reward points.

Via WeConnect, one can easily:

  • Expand company’s business market;
  • Enhance company’s development;
  • Improvise company’s products and services;
  • Elevate company’s competitiveness
  • Attain effective business marketing.

WECONNECT is conducted via an integrated payment system, that is, without the involvement of hard currency. As mentioned before, every user will earn rebate points or special reward upon every transaction. To accumulate points, users can share their company’s services amongst the participating companies. The accumulated points can be then used as currency to conduct transactions in any participating companies or to share with family and friends, who are WECONNECT users.

WECONNECT, as the name goes, connects everyone via top-notch technology through a mutually profiting platform.